We invited electrical contractors from across Canada to try our new wire connector. Here is what they told us.

Excellent product. Fast and efficient. Built with the end user in mind. Saves hand fatigue.
B. Overn - Coaldale, Alberta

Slim and compact profile allows for more room in tight junction boxes. Easily twists on to wire splices as the inner copper coil is wider.
G. Gilly - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

Good grip, great with all different size wires... nice to only use one size marrette for all applications.
B. Kostoff - Aurora, Ontario

They feel better to install and with the wider mouth makes it easier to attach to the wire splice.
B. Keats - Pouch Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador

Fantastic product with wide range, less stock required.
J. Apperley - Kingston, Ontario

With its versatility I find it offers safety and effectiveness in a broad range from one single 14/2 up to five 14/2 wires.
E. Wiebe - Darlingford, Manitoba

I have never used a wire nut that grabs and twists a pair of copper wires like these do. Tough as nails too.
C. Smith - Waterloo, Ontario

Perfect size in a tight device box with a dimmer or occupancy sensor switch. Still big enough to be useful.
K. Jones - Wynyard, Saskatchewan

These are great! Very easy on the hands. 10/10
M. Riley - Roblin, Ontario

What a fantastic marrette, never worried about loose joints with these bad boys.
G. Wakefield - Montreal, Quebec

Thank you to all those who answered the invitation by sharing their comments!

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